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Religious/Cultural Activities 

Social Activities


Thevaram Class

Thevaram class was started in this temple by Mr.Thambirajah, former President of this temple. Mr.Tanasegaran, former secretary of our temple continued this thevaram class after Mr.Thambirajah. Now, Mr.Tanasegaran still carrying on this thevaram class every weekend. This thevaram class was taught for people from all range of age for free. Our aim from this thevaram class is to give people knowledge on our Hindu religion and awareness of immoral activities. Every year our temple will send our representative to participate in Thevaram competition in district, state, and national level.

Bhajan Class

One of the attractivenesses of this temple is the bhajan. Bhajan is being conducted every Friday and for every special prayers. Devotees are well attracted with the bhajan where devotional songs will be sung and the classical instruments will be played at the same time to create a divine environment.

Kolattam Class

Kolattam class has been started in this temple on 1997. This kolattam classes is conducted by Mr. N. Thamaindran (current temple’s president) and Miss.S. Jayanthi. The classes was conducted until 2008 and have been stopped temporarily as the building for kolattam class is now under construction(temple hall). Our kolattam group is well known around Manjung District as we have showed our talent in many places. Even though the classes have been stopped temporarily but we are still dancing for outdoor events. 

Bharathanatyam Class

Bharathanatyam class has been started on 2012 and the classes are still going on, on every Sunday 4.00 p.m. This classes are conducted for children as well as for adults. Mr.Narayanan who learned bharathanatyam dance from India is currently conducting the classes. 


Tuition Classes

Motivational Seminars

Tuition classes are held every Saturday in temple hall. The classes are taken for primary school students. The classes are conducted by the teachers who are also the temple committee members. There are many students from this tuition centre who have passed with flying colors. Many of them have continued their studies to higher learning institutions like University of Southwales Australia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Malaya and many more.

Motivational seminars will be frequently held in this temple. Most of the seminars are being held for school students to give them motivation on their studies. The seminars normally will be conducted by the well experienced people on the related field. Many of them have benefited from those motivational seminars that will be held time to time.

Religious Talk

Blood Donation

The religious talk will be held in out temple as an annual event. Swami Brahmanandha Saraswathi will give the speech on selected day in Aadi month. The ground of the talk will be about the religion. There are also many other people that have given their speech on many religious topics here. The main aim of this religious talk is to cultivate moral values in human as well as to give some knowledge on the religion.

Organ Donation

Public Speaking Competition