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The Temple

Vanakkam . Sri  Maha  Mariammman  Kuil  is   located  beside   Ipoh-Lumut Highway near Taman Sungai Wang. This temple is one of the well  known  temples  around Manjung District. The main god in this temple  is  Sri   Maha  Mariamman.  It is   believed  that  the   goddess Mariamman  in   this  temple  is  very powerful as this temple is 1000 years   old. The    temple   was   established    on   1918   and    was first   registered on 1969. The first temple building was built on 1918.    The new building was built again on 1969 as the first temple building was collapsed.  This  building  was  replaced  with  the new building as the former   building’s    roofs    were     damaged.     The    new      building was   finished   built   and   opened  for  ritual activities on 29.11.2007    (see kumbabishegam). This  new and beautiful building  was built in the    way    that   a    temple   should    look   like    according     to    the requirement    of    Hindu  religion a nd it is one of the biggest temple buildings around this Manjung District.

The Committee

The first committee was formed on 14.03.1969 and Mr.P.Selvarajoo has become the president for this committee. Mr.Pakkirisamy who was the secretary in the first committee has been elected to be the chairman for the following second committee. Then, Mr.Thambirajah became third chairman for this temple commitee. The plan to build this new temple was initiated after Mr.Thambirajah became the president of this temple. Mr.N.Thamaindran who was the Treasurer at time has been elected to be the Chairman for special committee that was formed to collect and manage fund to build new temple. He was elected as the president for this special committee as his sense of determination to build a new temple was very high. Mr.Vivek, Mr.Ravindran, Mr.Iswaran, Mr.Subramaniam, Mr.Loganathan, Mr.Kaliappan, and others have been chose to hold the high posts in this special committee. Commitment from all of those people mentioned above and their sense of enthusiasm have gave us the new look for this temple. The new temple was completed on 28.11.2007 and the consecration ceremony was held on 29.11.2007. Now, the new chairman for this temple is Mr.N.Thamaindran who was the former treasurer and former chairman of temple building committee.


Our temple is located beside the Ipoh- Lumut highway near Taman Sungai Wang. This temple is one of the well known temples around Manjung district. Our temple building has been renewed and the opening ceremony of this new building (temple) has been conducted on 29th November 2007. The opening ceremony was graced by the attendance of many government VIPs such as ex Works Minister and current President of MIC Dato Sri Dr. S.Samyvellu, former ADUN of Sungai Siput and current Vice President of Parti Gerakan Rakyat, YB Dato Chang Ko Youn, Minister of Energy, Water and Communications and Cum Member of Parlimen Beruas Dato’ Sri Dr.Lim Keng Yaik,  former ADUN Pasir Panjang, Dato Ramachandran, NLFC President, Tan Sri Soma, Perak state MIC chairman, Dato Rajoo and around 5000 publics. Now, this temple functions as one of the main places for Hindu ritual activities around this area.

Temple Building Fund Donation Drive

In 2002, The Temple Building Committee was revamped and the new Building Committee was headed by Mr N.G. Thamaindran while the Chairman of the Temple Management Committee, Mr Thambirajah acted as the Advisor for the Building Committee.

It was an uphill task for the Committee with only RM10,000.00 in hand but with sheer determination, we started off our drive by organizing a pooja called '1008 Kalasa Pooja' on 31 December 2002. This pooja involves families and each family contributed RM125.00. From this pooja, we got a net contribution of RM36,601.20. At the same time, we also distributed clay-made money-boxes (Undial) to the devotees to save money and later, contribute the money to the Building Fund. This move was very effective so we continued distributing more money-boxes (Undial) and till today we have collected quite a big sum. This move has also given a chance to the lower income devotees to do their part in contributing some money.

With more confidence after the first project, we continued our mission with the ground breaking ceremony on 1st  June 2003, officiated by Dato' Seri Dr. S. Samy Vellu. It was a heartwarming occasion for us because Dato' Seri pledged RM100,000.00 (RM50,000.00 from the Government grant and another RM50,000.00 of his personal donation). So far, we have already received RM 50,000.00 government grant from him.

With further confidence, we proceeded to our next project, the 'Charity Dinner' which was held on 19th  September 2003, at Kutien Hall, Ayer Tawar. Each table worth RM1000.00 as a contribution for the Building Fund. We managed to get a net contribution of RM65,936.25. The most welcoming news for us in this function was the donation of RM100,000.00 from our beloved MP of Beruas, Dato' Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik, who was also the guest-of-honour in this function.

In 2004, we received RM10,000.00 government allocation from then, state assemblyman Dato' M. Munusamy and RM1000.00 of his personal donation.

While on the move, we came about an idea of organizing 'Ponggal Cultural Nite '05'. It was held at Kutien Hall, Ayer Tawar on 15th  January 2005 with common tickets sold at RM25.00 and RM100.00, VIP tickets. From this project, we managed to round up a net sum of RM37,201.50 for the Building Fund. This time around, we had the MP of Lumut, Dato' Kong Cho Ha as the guest-of-honour, who was very impressed with the activities carried out by the temple, gave RM20,000.00 from his government allocation.

In early 2005, we held a religious ritual at the on-going temple building, called 'Mulastanam Adikal Nattu Villa'. With God's grace, we were indeed lucky of having, once again our MP, Dato' Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik who was there as guest-of-honour. To everyone's surprise he made a stunning announcement by contributing another RM100,000.00 for our building fund.

At the end of 2005, we received RM10,000.00, state government allocation through MIC state chairman, Dato' G.Rajoo.

Without being contended with what we have received, we continued on with our plan by organizing our third project, which was the 'Lucky Draw'. The draw was held the following year on 21st January 2006 at the Kutien Hall, Aver Tawar. From this draw, we managed to get a net contribution of RM26,404.90 plus a RM5,000.00 contribution from Mr Gooi, Dato' Seri Lim Keng Yaik's P. A. at that time.

As our bank account was running short of money with the final works still going on plus the plan of constructing a small multi-purpose hall beside the new temple building we decided on organizing a religious prayer, called 'Luxmi Kubira Pooja'. It was held on 19th August, 2007 at our temple compound. Each family who wants to participate was required to contribute RM125.00. We managed to round up a net sum of RM30,000.00 from this pooja.

Throughout these years, we managed to collect donations through our monthly collections which we refer as 'Card System' and also Timpani' donations which we receive from time to time and also during our annual temple festival, 'Aani Thirumanjana'.

As you read this message, we, the Committee still seeks your contribution with open arms. For those who have contributed, we thank you and please carry on contributing by taking part in our religious and non-religious activities which will be held throughout the year. May the Almight}- shower upon you, good health and prosperity.